Yolandi’s Model Portfolio

Yolandi's Model Portfolio

How naturally beautiful is Yolandi? She was so comfortable infront of the camera, although we had difficulty fitting in those legs that just seem to go on for days! A morning in the studio was followed by some fun and laughs on Umhlanga Main Beach where she was asked to make her way to the most impossible rocky spots and almost got swept away by the waves....all in the name of the perfect shot! I often get looked at in disbelief when I ask my clients to venture into certain terrains and positions and get a kick out of the ones who are game for anything....makes the job and experience so much more exciting! Please take a look at my website at www.milestonesphotography.co.za and like my Facebook page www.facebook.com/milestones.photography.kzn for more updates and info on my family, newborn, pregnancy, couple and wedding photo shoots.

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